Homework at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

We believe that learning is not confined to school and the hours of 8:30 to 3:40pm. As such, home learning forms an important part of a student’s learning entitlement.  Any Home learning tasks set by the teachers will be accessible, relevant and appropriate to the learning needs and levels of all students. Home learning will be supportive of, and integral to, the aims and objectives of the course of study. At times, home learning may involve an extended project giving students the opportunity to work independently, and in depth, on a task over a longer period of time.

  • Prompt feedback on home learning tasks will be given if appropriate.
  • The responsibility for completing home learning must be placed firmly with the student. It is made clear that failure to complete home learning will affect their learning in school.
  • If students can not complete a home learning task they should contact the teacher concerned well in advance of the deadline.
  • Home learning tasks are recorded via the “Show My Homework” online system.
  • It would be helpful if parents/carers could check their child’s home learning tasks via the “Show My Homework” online system.

Key stage 3

At the academy there is no set home learning timetable.

The frequency and type of home learning task will vary according to the nature of the subject, the theme of work and the ability of the student. Parents should contact the academy if they have any concerns about the frequency or type of home learning being set.

English: A variety of tasks – speaking and listening, reading, writing and learning spellings will be given as home learning tasks. Such tasks are set flexibly to meet the individual needs of students in response to formative marking in line with the academy’s marking policy.

Mathematics: Homework is set at least once a fortnight for every class. This may take one of three forms: a specific task or work sheet, MyMaths website or revision tasks for an assessment or examination.

Science: All students are set a project for each half term which is essentially open ended research. In addition staff may set extra home learning task from time to time, including the writing up of investigations. SAM learning is also available to students.

Humanities: Any home learning tasks set will be to consolidate the learning which has already taken place in the classroom, but requires reinforcing.  Home learning tasks will not always be written. A variety of different learning styles are adopted to assist students in their development of wider communication skills.

MFL: Home learning is largely based around  the  learning of vocabulary, as this is wildly acknowledged as a major factor attributed to achieving success in language learning. Each week words are given and recorded in class books or, from Year 8 onwards in vocabulary books. Testing takes place a week after words are given.

ICT: ICT clubs run after school Monday to Thursday and some lunch times. Home learning is encouraged for students wishing to improve their assessment grades.

Design technology: students are given home learning tasks which are written in their student record book with a deadline.  Students are encouraged to develop their skills of working independently. Extension tasks are also recorded to enable students to complete at home for those students who wish to further their knowledge.

PE: Although written home learning tasks are not set, students are invited to access the extra-curricular activities on offer in PE outside of curriculum lessons.

Key stage 4

Home learning tasks focus on preparation for controlled assessments, coursework and exam preparation. Support is available via GCSE Pod (all subjects).  Practice every question (English), BBC Bitesize, along with other online revision sites. Guidance will be given to all students on the best course of action for home learning. It is the responsibility of the student to organise and manage their home learning.

In addition to the traditional after school revision classes,  Saturday morning and  school holiday time may also be offered to ensure  the maximum  support for students to achieve their potential and above in their GCSE examinations. Parents are notified of these sessions via letter, text and/ or phone call.

In some subjects revision guides are available to purchase from the academy.

The ICT rooms are open after school for one hour and the Learning Resource Centre is also open after school until 4pm Monday to Thursday and 3pm on Friday.

In addition to the whole academy policy each department will have a homework policy which is followed by all members of the department.