Curriculum Principles

The curriculum will provide planned opportunities for spiritual development;

  • The basic skills of literacy, oracy, numeracy and ICT will be coordinated across all subject areas to ensure that students are able improve their skills beyond National Expectations, and to enable them to access the curriculum effectively;

  • Students who have reading ages that are more than 12 months below their chronological age will follow a reading recovery programme to enable them to be fluent readers;

  • Learning to learn and thinking skills will be integrated into all subject schemes of work and further promoted through theme days and project based activities;

  • Students with low levels of literacy that are identified as acting as a barrier to them accessing the curriculum, will be given additional literacy intervention support and literacy lessons. This is usually instead of following a full Modern Foreign Languages curriculum.

  • Enterprise Skills will be taught to all students in Y7 and Y8;

  • Personal and social competencies will be taught through a cross-curricular PSHEE programme and through the Behaviour for Learning policy that will permeate the academy. PSHEE and Citizenship is also covered through the RE curriculum in KS3 and KS4, where all students study GCSE Religious Education;

  • Lesson planning and schemes of work will follow best practice to ensure that lessons are accessible to all academy students;

  • Students with a special educational need will receive the support that is necessary for them to realise their potential and to enjoy their education;

  • Students will be offered and guided to, relevant pathways for learning throughout their careers, enabling them to make choices about their learning;

  • ICT systems will support the staff in providing up-to-date data, which will enable them to tailor learning programmes to meet students’ needs. This, together with staff expertise will promote the academy’s approach to assessment for learning linking targets, mentoring and progress to raise achievement.