Curriculum Information

In Year 10, students receive 2 hours of core Physical Education per week. This time has been structured to enable all Year 10 & 11 students the opportunity to complete the BTEC Award in Sport and the same students will also study for the Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership.


The BTEC Award in Sport is equivalent to 1 GCSE and it consists of 4 units:

  • Practical sports performance
  • Fitness for sport and exercise
  • Training for personal fitness
  • The sports performer in action

The units will be delivered through practical PE lessons, but will involve some written assignment work.


This award is accredited by Sports Leaders UK and is nationally recognised. It will be delivered alongside the BTEC Award and enables students who excel in leadership to gain two valuable qualifications at the same time.

The Level 1 Award is designed to develop leadership skills and self-confidence in young people through learning how to coach and lead small groups in sporting activities. As well as leading their peers, all students will have the opportunity to go into local primary school to deliver basic sporting activities. They will also be expected to organise and deliver primary sports festivals. This is a rewarding qualification and one which looks particularly impressive on a CV.


Just like in years 7-9, students are actively encouraged to become involved in the opportunities available to them outside of curriculum hours. An extensive programme of clubs and fixtures is available for students to access in the following activity areas: –

Girls – Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cricket, Cross Country, Dance, Football, Hockey, Rounders, and Trampolining.

Boys – Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Dance, Football, Mini Hockey, Rugby, and Trampolining.


This qualification combines performance in Physical Education (60%) with the theory of Physical Education (40%), making it a unique and interesting course and gives students the foundations they needs to progress onto A level and BTEC pathways.


The theory of physical education will be split into 2 sections and you will study a range of topics including: benefits of healthy active lifestyles, personal health and well-being, exercise and fitness, physical activity and its effects on the cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal and respiratory systems.

Students will carry out a range of practical activities as part of the course and will develop skills as a performer, leader and official. To supplement this, students will be given opportunities to gain leadership and officiating qualifications in a variety of sporting activities.

Students will also develop their ability to analyse their own performance and that of others in order to improve. They will also devise a personal exercise programme based on their own needs which they will carry out and monitor.


The theory of Physical Education is assessed via an external written examination, consisting of multiple choice, short-answer, and longer-answer questions. This takes place at the end of year 11.

The performance unit will be assessed under controlled conditions and will be externally moderated. Students are required to offer four performances in the role of player/participant, official, or leader. At least two of the four performances must be in the role of player/participant. Staff will advise students on activities for assess them and provide opportunities for them to gain leadership qualifications.