Curriculum Information


The current curriculum reflects the full ability range of students who enter the academy, with relatively few students joining us with high scores at KS2 and many having weak basic skills of literacy and numeracy. Generally, reading ages are below their chronological age and average KS2 scores are well below national expectations. Traditionally our intake of students has a high percentage of additional learning needs and many young people who will have English as an additional language.  Also, a significant minority will have emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The curriculum content and organisation addresses the needs of the intake in order that the students have the opportunity to enjoy their learning, access the curriculum opportunities, and achieve beyond the expectations that are associated with low levels of prior attainment. Our expectation is that all students will make better than expected progress nationally in all performance measures.

The academy uses a combination of high quality learning and teaching, a broad, balanced and creative curriculum and aspirational targets for students’ attainment and progress to maximise students’ achievements.

The core curriculum will consist of:

  • English 4 periods
  • Maths 4 periods
  • Science 3 periods
  • Physical Education 2 or 3 periods
  • Religious Education 1 or 2 periods

ICT is integrated in all subjects and as a separate subject in KS3, and students will be able to gain certification through the option system in ICT, Digital Media and Computer Science. Accreditation within the options will be appropriate to student interests and abilities and will include GCSE, BTEC and Foundation Learning. As the market place for qualifications expands the academy will seek other opportunities. The use of enrichment time is explained later in this document.  At KS4, students can follow an EBACC combination of subjects by supplementing the core curriculum, by choosing a Humanities and a Modern Foreign Language in 2 of the 3 option blocks.