Crochet Club

You might not know, but TSLA has a crochet club which meets after school on a Wednesday and Thursday.  Members of staff who like to crochet and ‘have a natter’ frequent it.  It started when people kept saying ‘ooh I wish I could  crochet’ or ‘I wish I could make that’ and Mrs Dorling said “yes you can”, and set about  teaching them to crochet.  It started with making toys; rabbits, bears, etc. and has recently undertaken the task of making Octopuses for Scunthorpe Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  These are used with the premature babies to offer comfort and is also used to distract the babies from playing with the various tubes and devices which are there to help them.  The crochet gang (Mrs Dorling, Mrs Borrill, Mrs   Nottingham and Miss Mitchell) has made approximately 30 octopuses, which have been delivered to the staff at NICU . “The crochet club brings a feeling of calm at the end of a busy working day” one member said and all the others agreed on this. The club is open to all, free to come and drop in for an hour or ten minutes, whatever time you can spare, and a comfortable, happy, welcoming atmosphere. Come and join us, you might just enjoy it!