Sky’s the limit!

Congratulations to Year 10 student Halle, the first from the Academy to be accepted on to a ground-breaking national leadership programme.

Young Event Hosts is a two-year development programme run by the Youth Sport Trust.

The initial events will see Halle travel to Sky Academy Studios in London – to experience what it is like to work in the media – and Loughborough University, where she will work with mentors to develop her athletic skills.

Halle was nominated by PE teacher Mr Oates who described her “one of our top performers” and a “role model” because of the way she embraces Academy life.

“Halle’s proved to be an excellent leader and the programme will offer an opportunity to build confidence and gain first-hand experience in a variety of roles,” he said.

Halle was interviewed online before being told she had been successful.

She thanked the academy and Mr Oates for their support and was looking forward to her trips to London and Loughborough.

She said: “I have always tried my best to take every opportunity given to me involving both sports and academic activities, even though I may not be particularly good at the activity.

“I have always been confident enough to speak in front of reasonably large audiences, however, sport has helped me to amplify that confidence.”

Halle delivered an assembly to Years 7 and 8 on the importance of wellbeing and staying active.

“Doing this made me feel empowered by the positive response it got from the younger students,” she said.

“This programme will enable me to experience new things and gain skills I can use in later life to help others.”

Mr Oates said Halle, who had 100% attendance last academic year, had used her experiences to produce an “amazing” transition booklet for Year 7 students.

“She offered support and encouragement for them to enjoy a warm welcome to the academy and helped to create a positive learning climate for them to flourish in,” he said.

“Through her high aspirations, work ethic and passion for school, Halle is creating a culture where others develop high expectations too.

“This is a very admirable quality in such a young person and she will rise to the challenge of the programme.”

Principal Mike Adnitt described Halle as an “outstanding student”.

“Halle is a polite, respectful and endearing student who has demonstrated a real passion for sport and leadership throughout her time here,” he said.

“We are all very proud of her attitude, demeanour and approach to everything she does.

“I would like to congratulate her on making the development programme and I wish her well on it.”

The programme provides young people with the opportunity to host a series of events alongside tailored training with experts, including experienced athlete mentors.

Sport Week Success

Exercise was combined with fun and fund-raising as the academy embraced the National School Sport Week.

A packed itinerary – put together by the PE team – ensured all year groups plus staff could participate in the initiative, now in its 11th year and organised by the Youth Sport Trust.

One of the highlights was a charity speed shot challenge, which took place on the 3G pitch during break time all week.

If a student hit the bar three times they won an extra go. Entry was 50p and the £40 proceeds will go to Lindsey Lodge Hospice. The winner was Lewis who hit the ball at 66 miles per hour.

Year 9 leaders delivered a fun exercise and aerobic session for Years 7 and 8.

Those year groups also enjoyed health and wellbeing lessons, which included rock climbing.

Other highlights included Year 9 sport science students going to North Lindsey College and participating in sporting leadership and teamwork activities; a rounders competition entertaining Year 8; and PE staff attending a yoga session in the sports hall.

Principal Mike Adnitt thanked everybody who had been involved.

“The week demonstrated, through PE and sport, our commitment to the wellbeing of our students and staff,” he said.

“It was a great success and I’d like to thank our PE team for organising it.

“I know there was a lot of fun during the week as well as opportunities to discuss wellbeing and how it benefits through active participation in sport.”

The Youth Sport Trust said the week saw like-minded schools, teachers, parents and young people show why PE and sport have an essential role to play in every young person’s development.

“Too many young people are missing out on the life-changing benefits of sport and play that would improve their health and wellbeing and equip them with the skills to thrive,” it said.

Family Information Services

Half term childcare

If you are going to need registered childcare to cover the half term period then the Family Information Service is here to help. Call us on 01724 296629 to request a personalised list of the OfSTED registered childcare in your area, or drop us an email to

Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors are a group in this time of climate change whom develop
projects which are created and driven by the students and have enabled them
to develop key skills. Not only do they showcase their efforts to local
primary schools but also take part in events such as The Lincolnshire Show
Schools Challenge, STEM clubs “Big Bang” challenge held at Loughborough
where the team won through to the national final to be held at ICC in
London. We have close links with Barton Waters Edge and have, visited Drax
power station, Bagmoor windfarm and will be visiting Lake Windermere. The
group meets formally each Thursday.

Hope and Anchor

A ‘BIG’ Thank You has to go to a Chef from Hope and Anchor. Chef Tom; a masterchef contestant and Chef at the prestigious Hope and Anchor kindly took time to work with and judge our student masterchef competition.

Student Demetri Nikolaidis helped organise the competition.

Our students were inspired as they produced top class deserts. The Guru Chef helped judge the amazing dishes.

The results are:

1st Amethyst

2nd Gold

3rd Emerald

4th Turquoise

5th Ruby