Rising stars awarded

A glitzy and glamorous awards night celebrated the achievements of our rising sports stars.

The St Lawrence Academy’s Sports Presentation Evening was given a new format thanks to generous sponsors and included guest appearances by Scunthorpe United players.


Principal Mike Adnitt thanked the considerable efforts of the PE department for organising the evening.

“It was a wonderful event which did justice to the considerable achievements of our students over the past sporting year,” Mr Adnitt said.

“I want to congratulate all the nominees for the range of awards. The academy has some star performers, both in individual and team events.”

One of the organisers, PE teacher Ryan Oates, thanked everybody involved for making the evening such a “great success”.

He said: “I’d particularly like to thank the various sponsors who enabled us to create a very glamourous, enjoyable and special evening for our young people and to help fund brand new trophies for the first time in more than 10 years.

“We are always keen to recognise and champion the young talent we have here at the Academy and the evening produced wonderful memories for those present and receiving awards.”

Students thank LIVES

Generous Year 7 students hand over a £288.39 donation to LIVES in appreciation of the charity’s interactive first aid session at the Academy.

Students learned about making a 999 call, compression-only CPR, the recovery position and the use and value of defibrillators.

The Year 7s found the session enjoyable and informative and wanted to thank the charity which supports more than 700 volunteers who deliver vital care in the first critical moments of a medical emergency before handing over to the ambulance service.

The money was raised after the students organised a non-uniform day.

MP visits

Character Education has been introduced into our curriculum this academic year.

As a result, all students are learning about various topics each week, including living in the wider world, relationship and sex education and health and wellbeing.

At present our Year 8 students are focusing on living in the wider world, which includes the development of democracy, operation of Parliament and voting/elections.

Nic Dakin, who has served as the Member of Parliament for Scunthorpe since 2010, visited the Academy to talk to our Year 8 students about his role.

The session was really engaging for our young people and gave them a real insight into Mr Dakin’s career, his passion for politics and the range of activities he enjoys as an MP.

Students were really interested to learn about the way Parliament and Government work and discussed with him the role of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Students were given the opportunity to ask questions to Mr Dakin about being an MP and he enjoyed the opportunity to share his views on Brexit, the Prime Minister and other matters.

A pleasant morning was enjoyed by all and we thank Mr Dakin for taking time from his busy schedule to meet with our young people.


Charity bake off

It was a display of cakes that would not have looked out of place on The Great British Bake Off!

This was the site which greeted staff at its Macmillan coffee morning. It raised just over £135.
A huge thank you to all who made cakes and those who brought the results.

Bumper harvest

Thank you to everybody who donated to our Harvest collection – it was a fantastic effort.

Tutor groups had been collecting for two weeks following a visit from the Scunthorpe Foodbank who delivered assemblies on donating and its work.

All tutor groups decorated boxes and Prefects delivered assemblies around the meaning of Harvest and giving.

Eid Fair success

Stalls and activities greeted guests who attended the academy’s annual Eid Fair.

They were Year 6 pupils from Winteringham who took part in the activities organised by the Year 11 Prefects.

The stalls included henna, face painting, decorate an Eid biscuit, dress up in Eid clothes, balance the ‘lemon’ and pin the hat on the ‘Imam’.

Staff and students from the academy joined in the event at the end of the day and any donations made were given to charity and the Year 11 student fund.


Top heart surgeon inspires students


It doesn’t matter about your background – if you are determined you can achieve your ambitions.

This was the key message to students at The St Lawrence Academy from a former student who is living proof.

Prof Stephen Westaby went from the backstreets of Scunthorpe to become one of the world’s pioneering heart surgeons.

The 71-year-old returned to his place of birth to give a lecture and see part of the current building named in his honour.

Prof Westaby told the audience, which included students hoping to study medicine from John Leggott College, he had wanted to be a heart surgeon from the age of 10.

“I watched my 60-year-old grandfather die of heart failure,” he said. “I said at the time I was going to do something about that when I grow up.”

His attentive audience heard how he had turned down a place at Cambridge University because “he did not fit in.”

“I was intimidated by the all the dons. I told a nurse showing me around I was from Lincoln rather than Scunthorpe.

“She replied she was from near Lincoln – ‘a village close to Scunthorpe’ – and from that day I have always been proud that I am from the backstreets of Scunthorpe.”

Three years later, he encouraged his brother – himself a successful London surgeon – not to follow his example and he accepted a place at the university city.

“It’s not about where you come from or what school you attended.

“You should be very proud of this school; from what I have seen it is a good school. Never be afraid of what your roots are.”

Brought up in Barnes Crescent, a short walk from what was then the grammar school, Prof Westaby also attended Henderson Avenue Junior.

The grammar school became High Ridge School from 1968 and, in 2008, converted to The St Lawrence Academy.

He studied at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School.

A game of rugby as a medical student proved another turning point. He was knocked out and the resulting serious head injury affected his brain.

“I lost all my inhibitions and any fear, which helped enormously in my career as a surgeon.”

He was appointed senior cardiac surgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital in 1986, and was responsible for around 12000 heart operations before his retirement at the age of 68.

He developed and refined the use of heart pumps, artificial hearts and circulatory support technology to drive blood around the body and is working on a British artificial heart.

“We have something now that we can take off the shelf in the morning and give a patient the same survival rate as somebody undergoing a heart transplant. Nobody needs to die to save somebody else.”

Prof Westaby reinforced his key message.

“Think big: if you want to, you can do it. It doesn’t matter about your background, gender or anything else.”

He left a big impression on The St Lawrence Academy students.


Modestas Gailiunas said: “It was great to know that our background does not matter. It is the effort you put in that makes a difference.”

Destiny Smith found Prof Westaby “really inspiring” while Mohamed Salah-Al-Din said: “We can all have aspirations and need to follow them. He really impressed me.”

Westaby Hall is a permanent reminder to students that they, too, can achieve great things, said Principal Mike Adnitt.

“I thought he was terrific and we are very grateful for his time,” said Mr Adnitt.

“We teach our students to aspire, work hard, have a dream and a plan in place to achieve it. That is what today has been all about.”

The event had been the idea of Chair of Trustees Jennifer Vincent who had seen Prof Westaby talk proudly of his roots on television.

“It was everything I had hoped for,” she said. “He absolutely held the children’s attention. You could hear a pin drop throughout the talk.

“He has enjoyed an amazing career and it was a pleasure to invite such a distinguished alumnus back to St Lawrence to inspire our young people to succeed in the world of work.”

Mrs Vincent also thanked PA to the Principal Sally Simpson for organising the highly successful visit.


Year 7 Camp – Class of 2023

Hello and welcome to what is a review of our Year 7 Camp trip for the Class of 2023.

The year group started here at the Academy and were quickly whisked away on a camping trip to mix and mingle with all their peers in their year group.

Various activities were organised as the students experienced life outdoors, utilising local woodland, the park on the campsite, a hike that ranged 10.4km, camp fires and all the responsibilities that come with working together as a group.