Care for our Students

studentsThe academy is organised to give the students the support to achieve beyond expected levels. We both encourage and expect students to work at the pace appropriate for their ability, and their progress is challenged by the setting of personal targets.

All students are placed in tutor groups based on age and have between 25 and 30 students in each tutor group, with a tutor and associate tutor.  In each year group, there are five tutor groups led by an Achievement Team Leader.

Every tutor group is a member of one of five houses (Emerald, Ruby, Turquoise, Gold and Amethyst) which meet for assemblies, enrichment activities and community events including sports and talent competitions.

Student Services staff provide a reception facility for students who may need first aid, to hand money in for trips, replace an item of uniform, or hand in medical letters.

Student Voice activities and leadership activities are an important part of our vision. The students were involved in designing our logo, our uniform, our strapline, and in selecting the names of the houses. They are involved in the student council, mentoring, prefects, our valued youth programme, staff interviews, and in anti-bullying activities.