Excellent Progress for Disadvantaged Pupils

Congratulatory letter from Rt Hon David Law MP – Excellent Progress for Disadvantaged Pupils

SSAT Top 20% Nationally 2013
The St Lawrence Academy has gained national recognition for being one of the top 20% of schools at adding value to their students’ achievements at GCSE.  The St Lawrence Academy qualified as one of the top 20% of schools in England for the progress made by its students between their Key Stage 2 results at primary school and their GCSE results at age 16.  Every school in the country has been ranked according to how much value they have added to the scores their students were expected to achieve in their GCSE results in 2012.  This is determinded by the progress students in a school have made between their national test results at age 11 and 16.

Sue Williamson, Chief Executive of SSAT said:
“The St Lawrence Academy should be congratulated for their stunning performance in adding value to their students’ acheivements.  The St Lawrence Academy is one of the best schools in the country in outperforming expectations for their students and improving their future prospects.  There is plenty that other schools could learn from The St Lawrence Academy’s success.  These results are testament to the commitment and hard work of the students, teachers and leadership team at The St Lawrence Academy and a vindication of their belief in high expectations, good teaching and ambition for every young person.  Successful schools like The St Lawrence Academy understand the value of data, such as these value-added scores, in helping to ensure all young people perform to the very best of their ability.  The value-added measures show how schools make a difference and raise achievement above expectations.”

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