Academy Information

The Use of Time

The academy is committed to structuring learning time to:

  • maximise the time for students to be on task’;
  • provide a variety of opportunities for personal development and academic progress;
  • facilitate partnership with the LA and other local educational providers to extend curriculum opportunity especially for 14-19 (see the curriculum statement). Whilst the academy is supportive of a move to four or five terms with more balanced holidays, it will do so only when the LA can lead this change across all local schools;
  • learning sessions are 60 minutes each. Monday and Tuesday contain 6 sessions, Wednesday and Thursday contain 5 sessions.  Assembly or tutorials take place during each day and extra-curricular activities/homework clubs take place after school
  • on Friday there are four learning sessions for students followed by additional activities provide by outside coaches and leaders, while all staff have team meetings and development sessions (the organisation is detailed in the curriculum paper). This is the only formal meeting time for staff;
  • the academy uses theme and project days to provide opportunities for extended learning;
  • the academy provides extended school activities on Saturdays and during the holidays
  • all students take part in a two week block of work experience in KS4;
  • all students take part in a residential experience in each Key Stage;
  • in KS3 the residential has an emphasis on personal development through an outdoor experience;
  • in KS4 the residential is based on the specialisms and will contribute to personal development and raising attainment;
  • ICT facilities for administration enable the effective use of time by staff and students.