Academy Information

The intake of the academy is broadly similar to that of the predecessor school as the admission criteria are almost identical. Current evidence reflects the full ability range with relatively few students with high scores at KS2 and many having weak basic skills of literacy and numeracy. Generally, reading ages are below their chronological age and average KS2 scores are well below national expectations. The number of students on the special educational needs register is likely to be above average and a significant minority are likely to have emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Furthermore, the predecessor school has been the school of choice for the children of migrant workers and asylum seekers which reside in the area. This has resulted in groups of students joining various year groups with particular needs including English literacy. The curriculum content and organisation will address the needs of the intake in order that the students have the opportunity to enjoy their learning, access the curriculum opportunities, and achieve beyond the expectations that are associated with low levels of prior attainment. Our expectation is that all students will make better than expected progress nationally in all performance measures.

We have very high expectations of all our students in relation to:-


  • The academy uniform is compulsory


  • We expect all students to aspire to have 100%


  • We expect all students to be polite, respectful and have a sense of pride and belonging not only to themselves, but also the academy


  • Student leadership is very strong in the academy and we want all our students to be proud of their achievements


  • We have high aspirations for all our students and we want them to achieve their potential. They are all talented individuals and we want to nurture those talents.